Benny Meets His Rescue Family For the First Time



This is Benny, a male pit bull.

Christmas came early for Benny…

He was rescued from Gardena’s Carson Shelter last year.

Benny was brought into a high-kill shelter on the 23rd of the month.

There, he waited to find a forever home that would take him in.

Days went by and Benny seemed to have a gloomy outlook.

But then…

18 days later, Benny’s new family came to pick him up from the shelter.

The Carson Shelter staff had a camera rolling to capture Benny’ first few moments as a free dog.

He seemed extraordinary happy to find a family that would love him as much as he would love them.

Pets are destined to love us unconditionally. All they need is a family who is willing to take them in.

At MyPetPrints, our mission is to put more Bennys in the hands of a family who will love them.