How It Works

Step 1: Get a Picture of Your Pet

picture of your pet

No, you don’t have to be a professional photographer.  A smartphone will be fine.  You take the photo and let us worry about the angles and such!  If you need some assistance, here is our photo guide.

Step 2: Choose Your Product & Upload your Picture

You’re almost there!  Now, you select the product you want your beautiful pet to be on, and upload your image. Place the order and hold tight.

Step 3: * Approve the artwork and select a background

We will let you know when your artwork is ready and will direct you to our customer approval site.

There you can review the artwork, approve it or request changes, and if your product allows it, pick the perfect background.

* Some products don't require original artwork such as Jewelry, 3D Crystals, and Lamps.

Step 4: Show Off

Once it is approved and you select a background, we send your order to production.

Watch the mail and show your pet off when your order arrives!