Image Guidelines

Your pet is already beautiful!  There is no need to hide any flaws when none exist.

We just want to make sure the image you upload gives us the best chance to design a product you will love.

Here are the tips we recommend for the best photo...


Lighting is critically important.

Please send photos that are taken on a sunny day or in a well lit room.  Dark shadows sometimes hide parts of the image.

We will need to see all of the details of your pet's face in order to draw it correctly.

Up Close

A close up of your pet sitting or standing is best.  This is better than your pet lying down or moving.

One Pet

We love all your pets.  However, for each photo, we recommend only one pet. 

The more animals in the picture, the harder it is for our artists to capture the detail.

New Photos

If our artists can't see the details in your photo because it is too blurry, dark, or far away, we will contact you to submit a new picture of your pet. 

This will slow down your order!

Please be sure the photo you submit is exactly what you want to see in the finished product!

Sample Photos

Here are sample photos that meet our guidelines and make a great impressions for your pet :)