Custom Pet Bandana

You'll review & approve your pet's artwork in a few days. Unlimited revisions 😃

Put Your Pet on a Custom Bandana

Give your pet a fun new look with one of our pet bandanas. It's 100% guaranteed to get smiles from your friends and family, but most importantly, your pet!

Caution: It usually becomes your pet's favorite accessory :)


- Machine washable and durable
- Choose from 2 Designs
- Square made of Polyester
- Triangle made of Microfiber

How It Works

1) Pick out your background color 
2) Select whether you want just your pet's art or also the bones
3) Pick your size
4) Upload your pet's photo
5) Let us do the rest. We will communicate with you every step of the way :)
6) Your pet's new favorite accessory will arrive soon from our USA warehouse.

Made in the USA