Gifts Ideas for Grandparents

Finding the right gifts for grandma and grandpa isn’t always easy.  Especially for grandparents who have everything!

Whether you are looking for a unique Christmas present, something special for a big birthday, a gift to honor them on Grandparent’s Day, or a mother’s day gift for grandma, it can be a challenge finding a meaningful way to let them know you care. 

Shopping for the best gift ideas for your grandparents can be quite daunting, and we know how important it is to find a thoughtful and personalized gift for your grandmother, grandfather, or both. 

People will tell you the best gift of all for a grandparent is spending more time together, but that is not always an option... 

If your grandparents have a pet (or a grand-pet) they adore, then the odds are that pet is very special.  This is a great opportunity to give a one-of-a-kind and personal gift! 

We have a wide selection of unique products that are custom designed based on a picture of a beloved pet that are sure to be appreciated and cherished.

Whichever gift you decide on, we are sure your grandparents will love it! 

Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa

Fleece Blanket

Gifts for grandma fleece blanket


Give your grandparents a soft, fleece blanket to enjoy quiet time.  With a picture of their favorite pet on it, cozy time can be extra special.

Custom Pet Fleece Blanket

Throw pillow

gift ideas for Grandma throw pillow

With their pet’s face on a custom throw pillow, this gift works well as a combined gift for both grandparents that adds a special touch to a favorite chair or couch. 

Custom Pet Throw Pillow


gift ideas for grandparents coffee mug

Does Grandma enjoy sipping her tea?  Does Grandpa love his morning cup of j oe?  Drinking coffee or tea out of one of these personalized mugs is a great time to think about a pet and reflect on the simple joys in life. 

Custom Pet Coffee Mug

Tote bag

best gift for grandma tote bag

Tote bag designs are endless but only one will have unique artwork of their pet on it.  This will allow grandma or grandpa, to bring their fuzzy friend with them wherever they go and show them off to the world.

Custom Pet Tote Bag

Door mat

personalized gift for grandparents door mat

Who doesn’t love the idea of a doormat with the face of your pet and a custom greeting welcoming the world into your home?  We are sure your grandparents will love it just the same.  Available in several sizes and with custom background colors, you can design it to match their custom style and décor.

Custom Pet Door Mat

Pet Bed

Most grandparent spoil their pets.  So if yours do to, then a custom pet bed is something both they and their pet will love!

Available in two fabrics (indoors and outdoors), two designs, and three sizes, you are sure to find the perfect fit for Grandma's special furry friend.

Custom Pet Bed

Canvas print

gift for grandparents who have everything pet canvas

A canvas print of a beloved pet is a great way to liven up any space, and this personalized gift is sure to a hit for either grandparent.  Choose from both color and black & white styles in a variety of sizes. 

Custom Color Pet Canvas

Custom Black & White Pet Canvas

Gift Card

Grandparents are experts at giving gift cards, but if you don’t know what custom pet product they will like the best, you can always give them a gift card. 

They will love picking out their own gift and will appreciate you giving them the freedom to choose something special.

MyPetPrints Gift Card

Pets are often a big part of a grandparent’s life and giving a gift that honors the pet is a great way to show them that you care.


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