The Best Gifts for Kids with Pets

Whether you are shopping for a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or for any other occasion, kids that love their pets will love a personalized gift with custom pet artwork on it.

You just have to get a picture of their pet to upload with your order and our artists will redraw it into something special.

Almost all of our products are available in multiple colors or allow for an endless selection of custom background options so they can be as unique as the kid is.

Give that special child a gift that they will show off proudly since it has their pet on it!

Here are some great gift ideas for the pet-loving children in your life…


Shaped pillow of your petSequin pillow of your pet

Kids love pillows to decorate their room, on the couch, or for lounging.

We offer awesome options for kids that want to decorate with the face of their favorite pet!

Shaped pillows have artwork on both sides and are cut to the shape of the pet artwork.

Custom Shaped Pillows

Sequin pillows have the artwork on one side but it's hidden under your choice of colorful sequin.  Just wipe the sequin in the other direction to reveal the artwork underneath.

Custom Sequin Pillows

Cell phone case

Custom phone case with pet artwork

Kids are proud of their cell phones, so what better way to proudly show off a pet than to have them on your cell phone case!

These durable cases are available for a variety of popular phone models and you can even add multiple faces if you like to carry around multiple pets.

Custom Pet Cell Phone Case


Kids love to wear the things they love, so here is how they can wear their favorite pet or animal - as custom artwork on a hoodie!

Available in more than a dozen colors.

Custom Kids Hoodie

Fleece Blanket

Custom blanket with custom dog face


A soft, fleece blanket is a great way to enjoy quiet time, TV time, or nap time.  With a picture of your favorite pet on it, cozy time can be extra special.

Custom Pet Fleece Blanket


Custom posters of your pets

Posters are a great way to decorate a bedroom, play room, or den.  With custom artwork of a favorite pet and fully customizable backgrounds, a poster of any size will look great.

Custom Pet Poster


Custom pet sticker in full color

Custom pet stickers come in both color and black & white styles. 

The color stickers are a great way to decorate a laptop, water bottle, skateboard, or anything else.

Our black & white decal stickers are weatherproof and are especially popular in the windows of cars.

Beach Towel

Custom photo beach towel

Great for the pool, beach, or playing in the yard, your kid will be the only one with this one-of-a-kind towel.

Soft and absorbent 50% polyester and 50% cotton with custom pet artwork on one side will make this their favorite go-to towel.

Custom Pet Beach Towel

Gift Card

Kids love gift cards because they love to shop and the freedom to make their own choices.

If you know a kid who loves their pet, but are not sure which of our many awesome products will be the best fit, give them a MyPetPrints gift card.

They will have fun shopping for their favorite product and customizing it.

MyPetPrints Gift Cards

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