The Best Gifts for Men with Pets

Any man who loves his pet will love a unique one-of-a-kind product with artwork of his pet on it.

Whether you are looking the best birthday gift or Christmas gift for a man in your life, all you need is a picture of the pet and our digital artists will create a special illustration from it.

Each product is unique and most come in multiple colors and allow for unlimited background options including colors, patterns, and images.

If you need a special gift for a special dog dad or pet guy, then check out these great ideas!

Cell Phone Case

Custom pet phone case

Cell phones are never far away, so what better way to show off a pet than to have them on your cell phone case!

These durable cases are available for a variety of popular phone models and you can even add multiple faces if you want to carry around all of your pets.

Custom Pet Cell Phone Case



Dog dad hoodie gift

Regardless of the season, custom clothing is always a great way to show of your favorite things.  With custom artwork of your pet, you can show off your best furry friend as well!

Check out a wide selection including: hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, and socks!

Men's Clothing

Canvas Print


Your pet as fine art is a great way to liven up any space.  Choose from both color and black & white styles in a variety of sizes.  Combine pets or canvases to create a gallery in your office, man cave, or game room.

Custom Color Pet Canvas

Custom Black & White Pet Canvas

Personalized 3D Crystals

Who wouldn't want an eye catching, 3D Crystal Image of their pet to display in an office? 

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, he would love this incredible conversation piece.

Personalized 3D Crystals


Custom pet posters

Posters are a great way to decorate a garage, man cave, or game room.  With custom artwork of a favorite pet and fully customizable backgrounds, a poster of any size will look great.

Custom Pet Poster

Coffee Mug

Custom pet coffee mug

Drinking coffee or tea is a great time to think about a pet and reflect on the simple joys in life. 

Custom Pet Coffee Mug


Custom pet car decal

Custom pet stickers come in both color and black & white styles. 

Our black & white decal stickers are weatherproof and are popular in the windows of cars.

The color stickers are a great way to decorate a laptop, water bottle, or anything else.

Decorate the car or anything else with text decals that show off his love of his pets.

Gift Card

If you know a guy who loves his pet, but are not sure which of our many awesome products will be the best fit, give him a MyPetPrints gift card.

He will have fun shopping for his favorite product and customizing it.

MyPetPrints Gift Cards


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